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Author Topic: Kroenke buying Usmanov's shares  (Read 4392 times)

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Re: Kroenke buying Usmanov's shares
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I imagine as a fan site they detest kroenke, a bit like the brighter evertonians donít like kenwright being involved at our club.
Are you accusing me of being a little thick here?
I am far from stupid, yet I have no issue at all with Bill Kenwright having an involvement at Everton Football Club.
Over the years, he has been absolutely lambasted for trying to run the club on a shoestring. However, lets not forget the state of the club when he took over control from that massive Park Foods Fucktard Peter Johnson. Kenwright said from day one that he was merely a custodian until the right person came along to take over. I admire his bravery in sticking to his guns & not just selling out to any fool with a few quid, who fancied a bit of a vanity project. Farhad Moshiri has invested heavily in the club and obviously must see something in Kenwright that makes him feel comfortable having him around the place.
It is quite well documented that executives at other clubs don't particularly enjoy dealing with Kenwright as he is apparently a very tough negotiator. The fact that he is not a multi-billionaire, who wants to put all of his spare cash into the club does not mean that our club is not dear to him. He is an Everton fan, who had the opportunity to run the club and seized it with both hands. He gave it everything that he had, but didn't have the financial clout to bankroll signing after signing.
When you look at the bigger picture, Kenwright's tenure has not been a complete disaster, more a slow steadying of the ship. There have been a lot of mistakes made, and a fair few failures, but we are certainly stronger now than we were under the fucking "Love to Shop" voucher king. Now he was a complete and utter fucking bellend!
BK's detractors will constantly use the failed stadium bids as their stick to beat him with. It's true, those bids did fail and at the time it did feel like a disaster. However, wait until we are sat in our seats overlooking the Royal Blue Mersey in our brand new dock home and tell me then was it such a disaster that we didn't get a generic bowl in Kirkby town Centre or a stadium on the site of the Echo Arena. If anything, BK was perhaps naiive in giving us the opportunity to vote on whether or not we wanted a stadium move ahead of the Kirkby fiasco. Most owners would have just announced that the club were relocating to a new stadium and done it anyway.
In terms of stuff that he's got absolutely spot on over the years. We do things with class and dignity:
Appointing David Moyes. He was exactly what we needed at the time and did a fantastic job here. The only criticism of this is that BK kept him here a little too long and maybe should have got shut of him long before he resigned.
Everton in the Community.
Anytime that he has made any sort of speech related to Hillsborough - one that he made at the memorial service at Anfield a few years ago springs immediately to mind
The way that the club did something a little different to everybody else and instead of playing "You'll never walk alone" played "He ain't Heavy, he's my brother". That captured the mood and summed up the class and dignity of our great club perfectly and I guarantee that there was not a dry eye in the house that evening.

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