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Author Topic: Bournemouth v Everton  (Read 24007 times)

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Re: Bournemouth v Everton
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I disagree he has been very successful in turning round a team looking like it was going to get relegated. Early days I know but people whether they like him or not should give him some credit for the job done so far.

I disagree . I think Unsworth had worked his way down to the players that gave a fuck at the time we played WHU in front of a home crowd after a run of difficult away games . Without debating the merits of the 2 it was Unsworth and not Allardyce who inherited a mess . That said I think Allardyce is the more likely to maintain a consistent level of form until the end of the season . He knows the next 2 transfer windows are massive for him and the club as after the England debacle and given his age we are as good as it gets . Koeman was on his way as soon as someone bigger came along and Moshiri basically gave him a free reign to fuck it up . I am quite happy to see what he can do as the one thing I am sure off is players won't force him out as easily as they did Martinez and Koeman .

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