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Author Topic: Bournemouth v Everton  (Read 21703 times)

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Re: Bournemouth v Everton
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:17:55 PM »
They will both have been doing their absolute best to do a good job.
Is it not, therefore, reasonable, to suggest that there has been some good input from both?
I think there were one or two signs under Unsorth, but never a full 90 mins worth, that things were improving.
I also think that Allardyce, as much as I never wanted him, has added to what Unsworth started and taken it further because he is a far mor experienced manager.

The whole 'Who Started It' debate is a bit ridic.

We're on the Big Sam Train now, if you're still clinging on to Previous Manager Station you'll end up having your arms ripped off.

All aboard!

I've no problem with people suggesting unsworth has had some input in terms of helping allardyce when he came. People are actually claiming we'd turned the corner though and unsworth had solved our problems is nonsense though

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