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Author Topic: Olympic Stadium  (Read 18760 times)

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Re: Olympic Stadium
« on: May 09, 2016, 06:34:29 PM »

I wonder had they not had a good season what the numbers would have been like?

By the way I know everyone else has been fooled by thinking the current West Ham stadium is called the Boleyn ground

Well guess what?i didn't get the fucking memo!

It's always been called Upton Park and quite frankly that's what I'm gonna call the new stadium too

So how do you like those fucking apples?!

Maine Road, The Baseball Ground, Highbury, The Dell etc, when we play away against these teams that's where in my head we are playing them!

Some of those 'fucking apples' you're comparing are oranges though.  Where there's a physical location change I can rationalise it in my head, but these sponsored grounds changing names will stay as their first sponsor.  This romanticised change of West Ham's from Upton Park is bollocks though.  No one called it anything other than Upton Park for 20 years until a couple of years ago.

Bolton's ground is the Reebok, Wigan's is the JJB, Stoke's is The Britainnia no matter who owns the naming rights next season.  Arsenal's will always be The Emirates.
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