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Author Topic: The Suarez Question...  (Read 2866 times)

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Re: The Suarez Question...
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:37:18 PM »
yeah i just want to win, cheating or not. Id have Suarez in my team.

Well we now know who the three are that voted for cheating, not talking about last nights pen which could have gone either way talking about the principle of cheating to win in any sport, what's the point ?
I would take no pleasure in supporting a team who persistently cheated rather than show superior skills, that's no longer sport , it's fraud. In amateur golf you have no referees and often you are out of sight of your fellow players but may be called upon to penalise yourself, I.e. movement of the ball after removing a leaf or debris, an unseen double hit in the bunker, an unseen air shot, you take the penalty because those are the rules and anything less and the only person you are cheating is yourself, no time for cheats in my lif

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