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Re: The Suarez Question...
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:33:30 AM »
There are a lot of players in world football who look to prey on moments of carelessness from the defense -- a trailing leg, a stray arm, etc. -- by falling down. It's a cheap tactic and the way these actions are officiated is erratic but a lot of the time these things don't look much different than actual fouls. Diving is going to be a part of the game until we can tell the difference in real time or there's some kind of video review process (which I'm not particularly keen on given the way video review can disrupt the flow of American sports like (American) football and basketball).

The problem I have with Suarez, and it might not make a difference to most, is the way he goes down like he's been mortally wounded to get the decisions. See yesterday's penalty -- Marquinhos extends his arm which gives Suarez the opportunity to fall down and Suarez sells it by clutching his chest like he's having a heart attack. It's the same deal as the Rodwell derby. Rodwell wins the ball cleanly, Suarez hits the ground like he's been shot, and the official gives a red card for something that wasn't even a foul. The best (worst) example of him pulling this trick was in the World Cup, where Suarez bit Chiellini and went down clutching his own face as if he was the victim. It's embarrassing behavior regardless of how great the player is. The only thing more embarrassing is that officials keep buying the act.

Obviously, this probably comes across as a bit sanctimonious and it's not possible for me to be objective about Suarez given the deep well of hatred I have for him dating back to his Liverpool days. But his antics are a bridge too far for me and I don't think I could sign off on them just for the sake of winning. (For what it's worth, I was fine with the goal-saving handball in the World Cup. Slimy as it is, it's an action that has clearly defined consequences and I'd expect any of our players to do the same in similar circumstances.)

Tom Davies has just the right amount of snideness for me*.

* Unless he starts playacting, biting, or racially abusing people.
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