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Author Topic: Newcastle V Everton.  (Read 40126 times)

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Re: Newcastle V Everton.
« on: December 14, 2017, 05:03:34 PM »
love our time wasting, i know its tedious, but its so funny.. the amount of times pickford delays getting rid of the ball..
Davies pretending to take throw ins then walking off and leaving it for someone else..

but the best is Kenny.. made me laugh so many times.. best part was on the mid way line... he had the ball.. i think he was walking with it then left it behind on the half way line, as he went over to the bi line,., the newcastle player ran over and kicked it at Kennys chins.. it rebounded off to Sam, while Kenny waved his arms about at the ref due to the newcastle player kicking the ball away..


it does piss me off tho, especially when its 0-0.. no need to waste time then!!

DCL creased me up. Stood there with the ball at his feet waiting for their player to come to collect it for a free kick. Then when they did he kicked it away. That would absolutely boil my piss!

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