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Re: Max Aarons
« on: March 01, 2021, 03:50:15 AM »
I thought it was calculated on the positions you get in rather than whether a striker should score a chance created. I might have just made that up though

Edit: ok it seems to be both plus a few other factors. Id like to see a breakdown though because it could be that he gets into fantastic positions all day but has poor end product. We could end up with the next Deandre Yedlin if were not careful

I think it's the xg produced as a result of his passes. Where the striker or whoever has taken a shot from as a direct result of his ball in.

So for example James has 4.57 for us, and 4 Assists.

I don't know that much about Max Aarons, I've seen some of his numbers here and there, he seems to get in the box a lot, he seems to be putting the ball on attackers toes plenty, and obviously if we drop that alone into our side it feels like it would be massive for us.

But sidibie produced some attacking numbers for us and he was a bit of a nightmare tbh so you know.
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