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Author Topic: General transfer window discussion  (Read 305174 times)

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Re: General transfer window discussion
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:57:57 PM »
The same people were on here tipping them for the league last season. They didn't even come close, and only just finished 4th.

They've improved but so will all the teams around them.

Until they add some winners and change manager I'm not worried.

Don’t recall anybody on here tipping them for the league? Don’t even see anyone saying they’ll win it this year either.

They’ve improved massively on the two positions most people on here or in the real world were saying was holding them back in these last 6 months, spending £150m to do so. They’ve added a new core to the middle of the park with two very highly rated players as well this summer. Nobody else at the top has done that yet and they’re clearly building on the momentum they had for the last 6 months of the season. None of the other top clubs have identified major weaknesses in their squads and gone out and tried to fill them like they’ve done and it’s all come off the back of them reaching a major final and just falling short in the areas they’re addressing or have addressed.

As for this “winners” thing, they’ve got plenty of players with medals to their names but is it really that important? Last great Everton team didn’t have many “winners” in it till it suddenly did, neither did Leicester a coupe of years ago until they did.
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