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Re: Southampton v Everton
« on: August 16, 2015, 04:23:24 PM »
Problem is when we're at home v a west brom or Sunderland who are going to park 10 men behind the ball at every opportunity. Counter attacking is great when it's on but the majority of the time we're going to have to rely on creativity in tight areas to create chances...which we don't seem to be able to do. Having Kone to support rom would help in this respect so I hope RM sticks with starting him but I can see us reverting back to a 'Watford' type setup as soon as we're playing someone shite at home.

But the second half against Watford shows what I mean. We can scare defences. We can attack with pace and power no matter how many they put behind the ball. It's the attitude that matters more than the formation. Roberto said as much post match, when he said the group didn't accept that the first half against Watford was right, and wanted to show from the start against Southampton the right attitude.

Of course it remains to be seen, but given our first defensive team at home is going to be Sunderland on 1st November, and with a bit of luck they will still be on the ropes, the team might have gotten so used to battering people by then that teams are coming with fear, and a quick beasting from Lukaku and Kone with Barkley free moving from slightly deeper should strike terror into the most disciplined defender. This is how top teams break down the bus, and we can do it too. Just as those endless games in the past where we would play the likes of United, or Chelsea, battle away determinedly, and then find ourselves with 15 minutes left and being hammered, with that sick certain feeling it was only a matter of time until.. oh fuck they scored. We almost came to believe it was inevitable - we need to get visitors believing the same.
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