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Author Topic: Everton v Norwich  (Read 38599 times)

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Re: Everton v Norwich
« on: May 18, 2016, 06:03:10 PM »
Well Once again that fucking link didnt work
So accroding to squawka heres the stats

Games played Barkley 38, DA 33 PC 26
Total Passes B 1776 DA 1075 PC 1081
Succesful Passes B 1530 DA 813 PC 852
Key Passes B47 DA 46 PC 44
Assists B 8 DA 9 PC 5
Chances Created B 55 DA 54 PC 49
Goals B 8 DA 10 PC 8
Shots B 95 DA 74 PC 111

I stand corrected - said the man in the orthopoedic shoe.

I've had a look at the stats and there are areas where each outperforms the other but on the whole I am surprised with how favourably Barkley compares.

Maybe I am buying into the bias against our own players? I didn't think I was that guy! I don't wanna be that guy!

But the games I've seen (and most on here wil have seen more than me), I have come away with the impression that if Barkley could just raise his game 10% then he could be like Ronaldo (the original of course, not the Portuguese pretender).

The thing is like everything the media is very of the 'now'.  Most of Ross' goals and assists came in the first half of the season, and compared to that the second half has been a bit disappointing.  On the whole though he's had a good season stats wise.

Like you've both said, with a new manager we'll hopefully be able to see a properly fit Ross make a step up again, and be the player everyone wants him to be and be back to shooting from everywhere.
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