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Author Topic: Laugh along with those loveable Reds...  (Read 336934 times)

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Re: Laugh along with those loveable Reds...
« on: August 03, 2016, 05:27:25 PM »
Such a moronic fanbase.

Their idea of what is/isn't a good transfer is so warped that they're criticising us for only spending 7.1m on Gueye, by the mere fact that we haven't been insanely overcharged to the tune of 25-35m for Mane and Wijnaldum.

One of their standard lines is 'haha, 7.1m on a relegated midfielder'.

What...as opposed to 25m on a relegated midfielder? Or as opposed to giving Southampton 95.5m for 5 players over the last two seasons, none of whom can be described as anything more than half decent.

Very odd fanbase, that lot. Beyond delusional.
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