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Author Topic: Gueye Gana be great  (Read 52051 times)

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Re: Gueye Gana be great
« on: September 18, 2016, 10:27:11 PM »
It doesn't really matter who "called it" or who thought he would be bad. Credibility on here is overrated. We all get some right and get some wrong. So it goes.

Bottom line here: Gana is a good player. We all win. Simple.

You're right that we all get some wrong (I once vehemently called for us to get Bony rather than Lukaku, for example).

But it's still funny to read back on some comments. I think @efcforlife 's is my favourite:

I'm sorry but right now Gana isn't even close to keeping Mcarthy or Barry out the team.

Are you people having a fucking laugh.

He has played one season of premier league football in a team that got walked all over(the midfield especially so).

He is a decent footballer but that's it, he has the potential to become better but the signing is one of the most pointless I've ever seen whilst following Everton.

Even if we consider potential, he is older than Mcarthy and Besic.

Panic buy, squad filler


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