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Author Topic: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update  (Read 472940 times)

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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« on: September 19, 2016, 04:26:46 AM »
I wonder if when we build this stadium will we just build a stadium or will we  possibly build an Everton Museum and maybe an Everton hotel next to it?

Id imagine something like this would happen.

As people have stated, not much there at the minute but they are going to regenerate the whole area and our stadium, hopefully, will be a huge part of the new look waterfront.

I would imagine the stadium and the immediate area around it will generally be Everton related content with a few new pubs there as well.

Getting a bit excited now like but not too much as we know how this club can let you down, it does look like a goer though.

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