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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
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More detail on skempton plans to redevelop Goodison


"Expansion of Goodison Park.  Plans showing potential expansion of Everton's Stadium [existing structures are in Royal Blue, and new commercial buildings, including a hotel tower, magenta]. The left-hand image allows for development in small affordable steps. The right-hand alternative shows the pitch rotated, as a major first-phase, with a new school incorporated into the corner of the stadium. In both scenarios, the historic site and character of the World's first major football stadium would be retained as the centre-piece of a new Conservation Area. " From http://www.skempton.info/4654/6337.html

You do fully understand how long it would take to buy up all of the land required to rotate the pitch 90 degrees don't you?
You do understand that you can't just rotate a whole stadium 90 degrees during an international break, so whilst the work is on going, we'd have nowhere to fulfil our fixtures.
I'm pretty sure that Gwladys Street school have rejected advances in the past from Everton to relocate their school. What makes you think that they would just roll over and accept a move now?
What about the residents of the streets that would need to be bought up. It took the shite years to run down Anfield and get their own way.
Whilst all this slow buying up of land is taking place, we would be continuing to fall further and further behind the big boys in terms of revenue.
Finally, you want to just build onto existing structures?
A massive part of the problem at Goodison is aging stands with loads of obstructed views and old fashioned catering facilities etc.
When Trevor Skempton drew up his proposal to rotate the stadium, had he carried out any in depth research into the cost of buying up the land, how receptive the current tenants would be to being forced out of their homes, timescales and overall development cost? For a redevelopment to be acceptable, for me, it would require a complete rebuild of the existing stands too, to eradicate the issues of obstructed views and poor facilities. These are things that can't just be fixed with a big can of royal blue paint.

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