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Author Topic: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update  (Read 420097 times)

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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« on: November 16, 2017, 04:22:52 PM »
You do fully understand how long it would take to buy up all of the land required to rotate the pitch 90 degrees don't you?
You do understand that you can't just rotate a whole stadium 90 degrees during an international break, so whilst the work is on going, we'd have nowhere to fulfil our fixtures.
I'm pretty sure that Gwladys Street school have rejected advances in the past from Everton to relocate their school. What makes you think that they would just roll over and accept a move now?
What about the residents of the streets that would need to be bought up. It took the shite years to run down Anfield and get their own way.
Whilst all this slow buying up of land is taking place, we would be continuing to fall further and further behind the big boys in terms of revenue.
Finally, you want to just build onto existing structures?
A massive part of the problem at Goodison is aging stands with loads of obstructed views and old fashioned catering facilities etc.
When Trevor Skempton drew up his proposal to rotate the stadium, had he carried out any in depth research into the cost of buying up the land, how receptive the current tenants would be to being forced out of their homes, timescales and overall development cost? For a redevelopment to be acceptable, for me, it would require a complete rebuild of the existing stands too, to eradicate the issues of obstructed views and poor facilities. These are things that can't just be fixed with a big can of royal blue paint.

Liverpool City Council had done that research, actually.

In 2007 a public meeting was told that the owners of the houses around Goodison Park were mostly private landlords, with 100% of them open to swapping stock - being given bigger houses elsewhere in the city which were derelict with a healthy contribution towards helping make them habitable again.

Gwladys Street school was - at the time - part of a group of three schools in the area which were being reorganised into two schools due to the decrease in primary school aged children in the area. Because it is not a private business, and is owned and operated by the council, then the school themselves have very little say in what happens to the land.

The garage / van hire place that sat where the new match day parking site is on the corner by the school were also approached and told the council that they had never been approached by Everton in the past with regards to buying the land, but would be open to offers. They clearly weren't lying either, as it was sold to whoever operates it now.

There would have been cost to Everton, because we are a private business looking to make more money, but it wouldn't have been the logistical nightmare you make it out to be.

Rotating the pitch was also pretty much just thrown into other plans to show that anything is possible. There were probably five or six other proposals for expanding Goodison that didn't involve that idea.

With regards building onto existing structures, the original plans will give architects an idea as to whether it's possible or not. Trevor Skempton says it is, so I'll go with his experience is stadium redevelopment over people without it.

But we're looking to love to a fantastic new stadium in a perfect location, so all of that is by the by. The club never really gave it time of day though because they couldn't afford it. Now we don't need to afford it.

To say it wasn't viable without knowing the depth of research that went into putting the ideas together is out of order though.

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