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Author Topic: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update  (Read 473469 times)

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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
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I used to teach in Bootle...when I'd get off the train there was a mad smell sometimes, heard different stories about what it was:

- dog food factory
- whale bone processing (you know, because of all those Japanese whalers that work the Mersey)
- cereal processing for beer (I assume they meant Cain's, even though it's been dead a while now)

Not once did I hear the very sensible reason of a water plant!

I was kind of hoping when people were talking about a smell that they weren't talking about this, but oh well. For what it's worth, the smell wasn't permanent or anything....some mornings it was in the air, others not. Maybe it only occurs when the plant is undertaking a certain process? And maybe they can avoid doing it on a Friday night / Saturday or Sunday?

What do I know anyway, I was told it was fucking whale bones!

I had a mate who had a sausage skin factory down there and when I worked there I had to use clothes I could throw away because the smell wouldn't come out . Interesting story is that when they wrung the intestines out a kind of mucus is pushed out and they had a big vat that they collected it in .I asked "Is it so bad that you need to dispose of it like that ?" he said see the Merc and the BMW outside ? They have been paid for by that stuff not the sausage skins !
It seems that with heart operations the biggest problem at that time was the scab that formed on the cuts and apparently this mucus stopped it scabbing and hence stopped the problem, or at least that one .He sold it to a Swedish company by the way not a UK one ,great isn't it !

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