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Author Topic: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update  (Read 624658 times)

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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
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I personally took pure pelters when I was part of KEIOC and when I was fighting against the Kirkby move.

I took personal abuse online and had some very close calls face to face (@Bally will remember that night in The Primmy with the dozy old cunt at the bar) all because "You hate the club because you don't want us to move to Kirkby"

But I put up with much fucking less than some people at the time.

And do you know why we put up with it?  You know why we didn't want Kirkby, why we opposed it so badly, so desperately, so angrily?

So we could still maintain hope that we would have a night like tonight.  A night where we saw plans for a "game changing" stadium on the Docks.  So that we could maintain hope that one day a billionaire would come in with a plan and would turn the club around and move us to a world class stadium on the Liverpool skyline.

We did it so that our grandchildren could watch Everton in style.

We did it so that we weren't beholden to a supermarket, tucked away behind a housing estate, with Goodison nothing more than a Tesco car park.

We did it so that Everton were forced to do this properly.

And we were right.  We have witnessed the future of Everton unveiled tonight and we should all be delighted at the prospect, but we should never forget that we could have missed out on this.

You had me at 'I'

Seriously though you and others deserve who did this saved us from that grimness. Reckon Moshiri would have knocked it down and moved to Bramley Moore anyway though haha.

Wonder what Bill was thinking through this tonight.

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