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Author Topic: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update  (Read 556561 times)

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Re: [News]Bramley Moore Dock update
« on: July 29, 2019, 02:48:17 AM »
The safety barriers are already planned they are going to be higher and more robust ethan the current barriers on the pier head but similar in style so as to be sympathetic to the surrounding area, something I asked Colin Chong about during the first 2nd consultation meeting a few months ago.
I had exactly the same concerns
Just downloaded the app - thanks @Crackling - it is awesome...


It did make me worry about the water proximity.

Travelling fans can be dicks and it all looks very accessible but they will bring their kids and so will we.

I'm hoping that the reality will be different and there will be more safety barriers- maybe even matchday lifeguards!

I expect stuff like that gets left out of the design release because it flutters up and detracts from the design work. I hope this is the case. Surprised the kopites haven't jumped on this yet!

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