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Author Topic: The FA Cup - Leicester City - (H) 07/01/17  (Read 30699 times)

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Re: The FA Cup - Leicester City - (H) 07/01/17
« on: January 08, 2017, 02:33:23 AM »
Should we beat Leicester at home? Probably. We do have better players but let's be honest here Leicester are shit but so are we. The top 6 have gone. They are miles ahead of the rest in terms of quality. It's not a massive shock that we've lost to another also ran. We are a work in progress. There's plenty in our squad who aren't good enough and even more who don't have the mentality for it

It's disappointing (like any defeat) but not massively upsetting or shocking. I don't much care about the cup at the minute almost certainly 1 of the good teams will win it and unfortunately while we may be slightly better than Leicester we aren't 1 of them good teams yet.

Thomas needs to calm down. We are shit because while koeman may or may not be the right man he's definitely not a miracle worker. He needs time

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