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Author Topic: Stoke City v Everton  (Read 40693 times)

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Re: Stoke City v Everton
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:05:32 AM »
Made up with his recent form.

Thought he was done as an Everton player but he's really staked his claim.

Apart from Lukaku he's the only player you'll back to take a chance when he gets it.

As you say, he's not had the best of seasons but he's still chipped in.

Think he's realised he's got it as good as he can get here. He missed the chance of his big move a season back, so is either knuckle down and become part of the Everton project, or spend the rest of his career in midtable mediocrity at someone like Schalke.

I was genuinely ready to write him off, but when he's playing well I do honestly think he's champions league quality like.
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