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Re: The u23 thread
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No sending them to the club that offers them the best possible opportunities of advancement is the right thing to for them, you only have to see how Galloway has fared this season at West Brom to see that. If he'd have gone to Newcastle or Derby it's likely he'd have came back in the summer with 40 odd senior games under his belt rather than having spent 40 odd games sat on his backside. Sadly we decided to prioritise the money over the players advancement and we and him will be worse off for it in the long run.

I can't believe youre making a comparison to the shite as well. Our academy has proven far superior over the last 20+ years in comparison to theirs. We've produced footballers fit for the premiership time and again in that period, saving ourselves multiple millions in the process, as well as launching dozens of local kids into professional football.

It's a ridiculous point, the sale of Wayne Rooney alone has probably eclipsed whatever the shite have gained from their graduate sales in the last 20 years, that's before you factor in the fees for Rodwell, Anichebe, Vaughan.....

All we need to do is carry on doing right by individual like we have been, it's clearly working.

Do right by each and every graduate and don't treat them as pieces of meat.

There was nothing wrong with the Galloway loan in principle, he'd be getting valuable experience at the top level under a defensive manager. He started the season playing in the 1st team but a run of poor form and the failure to put in a recall clause meant it wasn't as beneficial as planned. It was definitely worth a shot.

As I said, the new setup we have across the whole club will benefit everyone concerned now from top to bottom.

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