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Re: The u23 thread
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You’re missing the point. Their academies may not produce players for the first team, but the money those players generate (in transfers and loan fees), goes towards players that improve the club.

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I don’t think I am. Your original point started off by saying we don’t have a “great strike rate”  then went onto say the u23s should be about “bringing youngsters into the first team”.

Then you brought up other clubs and their academy’s saying how profitable they are but ignoring how much they’ve spent the past 20 years on signing these lads in whilst never producing anybody for their first teams.

We've probably the best academy in the country that’s not just shown now by the u23’s winning two trophies this season it’s been shown over the last 20+ years when we’ve been producing footballers for the first team far more regularly than others on a fraction of the budget and offering lots of kids who don’t make it here a pathway into the professional game.
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