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Re: The Suarez Question...
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When was the last time we cheated to win a game? I'm not sure that I can't remember because it's nice and convenient. :)

Found this in the outside bog...

'Re: Everton, football and cheating
Main Discussion ­ Norwich City
Everton, football and cheating
Buncey 08/04/2012, 9:09 AM
I have to be honest. I refrained from posting yesterday as I felt perhaps I had let my bitterness go to far, but I
woke this morning still fuming over yesterdays events and utterly depressed that I simply could not enjoy
another vintage Norwich performance.
The Everton team we played yesterday was one of the most spine­less and cynical teams I have ever seen at
Carrow Road.
Like Paul Lambert, I have a huge amount of respect for David Moyes and the philosophy of football he has
brought to Everton. It is also clear that much of his ideas have been used to form this fabulous Norwich team,
one that has taken the Premierleague by storm. In short, I was very eager to see a footballing side built on ideals
of team­play and respect for the opposition. In the end, as I have been almost throughout this season, I was
disgusted by the tidal wave of gamesmanship our boys faced yesterday.
How Everton managed to keep 11 players on the pitch is beyond me. Baines somehow contrived to commit at
least 4 cynical fouls, one of which was the clearest attempt to play the player in the box I have seen at Carrow
Road in a long time. Pienaar cheated his way to "Everton's" second goal. Only to jeer the Norwich fans in the
Barclay and then partake in one of the most disgusting dives to have "graced" football (he later on scythed
Bennett down on the touchline and one again escaped punishment.) It simply amazes me that Everton amassed
only 3 bookings after a lengthy pursuit of gamesmanship and cynical fouling that resulted in them totting up 17
fouls; any spectator of yesterday's game would be well inclined to believe that far more fouls went unpunished.
In the end it took seven cynical fouls, by Everton players beaten by their man, before the referees hand was
forced. How that hand had to be forced indeed. The worst of the bunch was Jelavic who proceed to punt the ball
into the Snakepit to waste time (and somehow avoid punishment) and then sidestep into the rushing Bennett and
cluch his face and roll in agony as if Milosevic had bombed his home. Instead of any punishment for the blatant
cheat, Mr. Marriner looked on content as Jelavic crawled on the floor, a half­yard from the touch line, in bonecrushing
pain from the chilly Norfolk air.
Marriner can only blame himself for letting the game fall into such disrepute. One of the most stonewall
handballs I have seen (where Hibbert dived arms first towards the on­coming shot) was nonchalantly waved
away. The cynical fouling by the Everton players continually went unpunished and I won't elaborate on the
"second goal"; I will say that I am amazed that such an incompetent professional can still be holding a job in the
I simply felt sick leaving the ground, and mulling over the continued cheating, disrespect and incompetence that
has infected our game. And call me a fool, but I spent the long train journey home reminiscing of those fun and
enjoyable days in League 1 where football was actually played and not acted like an American soap opera.'

The Kopites must really really really miss Suarez btw.

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