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Re: Sandro
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:08:16 PM »
They'd been through the door not even 5 minutes.

Anyone that was expecting anything other than the window we experienced is a fucking idiot and I said the same at the time. New investor, new DoF, new manager, none of whom had worked together or at the club before.

Fair enough.

But Moshiri had been there longer.
Koeman and Walsh had both actually had jobs before.

It's not synchronised swimming is it? It doesn't actually take coordination above and beyond -
Koeman: "I want this guy"
Walsh: "Farhad, do we have the money"
Moshiri: "yes"

After that they all go their seperate ways and do what needs to be done.

Don't make it out like it's some machiavellian process that can only happen after years of training in a hidden franciscan monastery up in the Alps

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