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Author Topic: Summer Spending  (Read 186428 times)

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Re: Summer Spending
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:37:05 PM »
Like most, I would be happy for most of the business to be done early on. Wouldn't like the Lukaku transfer to drag on till after our first game.

Any deadwood sales can go whenever they want really, they're probably not going to give Koeman a selection headache if they are still hanging around for the first game.

Keane would be a good signing, not a chance of signing VVD.
I'd be happy with Pickford too actually.

Then we need a new LB, 2 strikers, a quality number 10, 1 wide attacking forward (or 2 if we sell Deulofeu).
Not sure about a new RB as I think Jonjo Kenny is more than ready to step up.

Considering how much we will get for Lukaku and the rest, we probably won't have a massive net spend either.

Which would cause an absolute meltdown of historic proportions.

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