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Author Topic: Sandro Ramirez Signs - Confirmed by club  (Read 31110 times)

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Re: Sandro Ramirez Signs - Confirmed by club
« on: November 09, 2017, 05:17:38 PM »
Think he looks like absolute tat to be honest.

There's a long list of players who have slammed them in in Spain only to come up short in the Prem. I also remember those stats floating about when he signed that all his goals were free kicks, long shots, or shots from weird angles which wouldn't ordinarily go in. Maybe we should have looked at these when we scouted him.

Las Palmas or Celta Vigo next summer.
I was about to bring up Niasse's video as an example, but actually it's nowhere near as bad as I remembered it.

He actually looks pretty good on it, nowhere near as many goals scored sat on the deck as I thought there were!

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