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Re: Michael Keane
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:50:30 PM »
One of the lads who I work with used to scout for Burnley.

I spoke to him when we signed Keane and he remarked that he is very solid, dominant in the air and a relatively good passer of the ball, without being a John Stones type. He did go on to say however, that the Burnley backroom staff recognised that Keane plays best in a narrow back four when he has the protection of a full back tucked in close. He isn't good when isolated or when needed to go out to the flanks as he has a tendency to loose his positioning/spatial awareness and be easily bypassed. Given how lacking in formation we are currently, our centre halves (whoever they may be week to week) are being pulled into the flanks far too often leaving huge gaps in the middle.

It feels too soon to judge him, particularly given the number of different people he has had playing next to him, but fair to say he is totally lacking confidence at the moment.

You can see that in his play, he's a very simple defender who is pretty good at the basics. For 30m though you'd like to have a bit more though and although he's got time on his side and very low on confidence I don't think think he's impressed that much to be honest. For a young lad he's pretty slow and he's not as mobile as I thought he'd be. I also thought he'd be a bit more of a leader coming from Man U and from what he showed at Burnley.

I guess we'll not really find out how good our summer signings are until they are under different management so they can now start afresh, again.

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