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Re: Michael Keane
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I feel bad for him, every game he is alongside a different RB and CB.
How is he meant to get any consistency or develop partnerships.

I think this is a general point as well for players around the pitch.

We hardly ever have 2 games in a row with the same system, a lot of the games we arent having the same system for the start of the second half that we had in the first! So for Keane it isnt just having a different centre half and right back next to him, it can also be changing from a back 3 to a back 4 one half to next or one game to next. How can you settle or get some consistency in what you are doing when that is happening.

But as I said thats the same for centre midfielders, wide players people all over the pitch. No coincidence that Leicester had the run they had 2 years ago, Chelsea same last year where they had the same system game after game and players playing the same roles game after game. We might have to rotate players with the number of games we have had but there is no excuse for him changing the system as often as he is doing.

It would be much easier for the players to try and get some consistency in their play and form if they knew the system they were playing and their role in that system inside out.

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