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Re: Michael Keane
« on: November 25, 2017, 07:07:02 AM »
Think the issue is hes trying to transition from dyches extremely rigid and effective tactics - allowing shots from certain areas and closing angles and defending really fucking deep and just being an able body who follows dyches instructions to having to actually be a defender in a system that is clearly on its arse.

Also hes not a ball player, in fact I believe thats why utd let him go, and hes extremely slow, so hes never going to be a front foot defender. Replacement for jags maybe but never in a million years a replacement for stones.

Needs an agile ball player to go LCB, while he does the jags stuff. If we could just clone Distin or Lescott from about 10 ago that would be ideal.

Maybe Mangala? Not a baller but physically capable and not fancied at all so maybe available. Probably some class cbs knocking about Spain and Italy.

Just the same old story isnt it. Sell a vital player, replace with someone whos nothing like him.
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