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Re: Michael Keane
« on: December 02, 2017, 01:23:47 AM »
The more important question is who is the better defender out of Stones and Keane when they were in their first season at Everton or the first season in the first team squad.

Bit of a toss up on that one. Both equally struggled. I expect Keane to settle down in the next couple of weeks and show his quality as he is a good player.

Stones is a Rolfe Royce tho. Very few defenders like him around. My favourite defender in the EPL at present.

This isn't neccesarily a dig and it takes a bit off what @Brownie20 said, Evertonians like a reasonably priced car. a Boeing 747 not Concorde or a private jet.

Its for us at the moment trying to find an upgrade on a Ford KA between that and an Aston Martin.

At the moment we have Mondeo Man players (Old Blair addage for in the middle type people) when we need an Audi for its dual  reliability and glamour. Sometimes playing 'sexy football' (Gullit)  fails miserably (Newcastle) or appointing top managers to fight relegation or quickly improve players (Benitez, again at Newcastle)

(I won't be making car analogies again as this one is ropey, at best)
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