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Author Topic: Michael Keane  (Read 49898 times)

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Re: Michael Keane
« on: December 02, 2017, 09:50:57 AM »
He seems like he needs a proper one on one fitness coach to me. Thereís no way a lad in his early 20ís, professional sportsman no less, should look as leaden footed as he does. I wonder how much sprint training he does because from where Iím standing he looks about as sharp and nimble out the blocks as my nana and thatís not just down to a lack of confidence.

Is so slow isnít he. Needs some explosive work, Iím sure big sams team of sports scientists will have him stretching his glutes ASAP.

Re: Thomas - I canít believe Iím still reading this Naismith stuff fucking hell, how long can a man keep an argument going in an empty room.

Not ENTIRELY without merit, but has a very clear idea of himself and of Ďother Everton fansí and allows it to bleed into his opinions regularly - for example his opinion of Davies. Iíve said myself that Ross Barkley can do more with a togger than Davies will ever be able to do, but Davies is a very good footballer. Heís not a headless chicken, heís not a brain dead tackler, heís just not technically skilfull- heís a great pass and move CM and if he had a bit more physical ability heíd be one of the best in England inside 18 months.
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