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Re: Michael Keane
« on: February 05, 2018, 02:18:01 AM »
Too much upheaval.

The number of squad changes this season was stupid. Maybe partially necessary due to previous poor planning and declining abilities but if you look at the lineup at Arsenal the only regulars from last year were Schneiderland, Gana, and Williams. Maybe you could say Bolasie and Niasse but neither played for us much last year.

That much change is very difficult to manage properly and combine that with some poor buys in the sense that we bought too many of the same type of player and I think we were always going to struggle.

On Keane, I think he looks decent on the ball and obviously strong in the air. Very slow though and completely goes to pieces at the moment given that he has never looked confident here. I still think he'll be decent but not sure we got a starting cb for the next 5-7 years as we had hoped, probably more a good squad player once he sorts his head out and settles down a bit.

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