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Re: Michael Keane
« on: November 04, 2018, 05:11:00 PM »
@Bluedylan well, I did say I wasn’t 100% convinced?

Despite him doing everything possible to have his own kecks down.

Not 100% convinced every single player we bought is bad and totally incapable of playing well to be honest.

Have any of our signings settled and been able to turn in good performances for a bit besides maybe Rooney? He’s a different animal altogether compared to most players on the planet though tbf.

Mad disrupted season, horrible first quarter in terms of fixtures and generally yeah we did buy the wrong sort of players and left insane glaring gaps...up front most obviously but other deficiencies have made themselves patently clear during the course of the season.

We don’t even know what our best first 11 or fucking formation is! We’re all over the place every other game.

I think we do the 4-3-3 for a bit and just try and fucking settle down a bit and bed some of these lads in, the ones that are left anyway.

I can count on one hand the amount of players who you’d think were good buys based on this season alone. Hard to judge any of them on this shitshow.
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