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Re: What is Sandro?
« on: September 01, 2017, 07:27:40 PM »
A 2nd striker, that would play very well off a muscular target man striker, like a Giroud, Das Boot, Dzjeko, etc.... if we had fecking got one ;).

I guess we should play him, Rooney and DCL together, so we have options. He has got a bit of pace, so with him and DCL we shouldnt be pushed right back down the pitch as we have been against better clubs, but unless he is given a run of games, we wont quite know what to expect.

--------- Pickford

RB --- CB --- CB --- LB

--- Gana -- Schneids

------- Sig'n ------------

Rooney --------- Sandro
---------- DCL -----------

You would expect Sandro to be running all over the place, pulling defenders everywhere, whilst DCL does a similar thing but is more of a focal point and Sigurdsson and Rooney are running the show just behind them, whilst Gana and Schniederlin shield but also try and pick out runs. That is assuming we arent as static as we have been. With Coleman back in a few weeks, and assuming we keep our core players fit, we actually have a decent side - but we need to do a lot more training of movement, passes into space, coming for and receiving the ball - we need a much faster paced, dynamic play style, much like the second half of the 2nd game against Rumbelows in Europa when Sandro came off the bench, more urgency from mid to top. The good thing about fucking up getting a striker this window, is that we can now (you would think/hope) carefully and meticulously find the right man, and do a deal for a top striker that would fit right in, early in January. Hopefully.

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