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Re: Everton v Spurs
« on: September 10, 2017, 03:59:30 PM »
On notice?

He did as expected last year and this year is very early on, with a whole new attack and difficult fixtures.

Even with that we got through to the groups of the EL, even if as expected, so I don't think any sort of wild judgements are reasonable at all.

And we have improved from what we were like before he came in.

Again, as expected, but it shouldn't be made out that he's not done what was initially asked of him.

The debate is whether we can move beyond 7th but the club won't be making that decision now.

The problem is that people think we've built the wrong team. It's not about hard fixtures or time. It's about pace, width, balance and a striker

Now we might be wrong and we might be about to reinvent football with 4 10s and no striker but my issue isn't about the performances so far. My issue is I really don't see how it will not continue. We've been poor almost every half. Time won't fix our problems. We need another transfer window. We need another 4 players minimum (for our first 11) and mainly that's more in terms of balance than quality

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