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Author Topic: Atalanta vs. Everton  (Read 42417 times)

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Re: Atalanta vs. Everton
« on: September 12, 2017, 12:46:35 PM »
Would love us to play a well balanced squad. People playing in their natural positions, with wide players.

Kenny Keane Jags Baines
          Morgs Gana
Lookman    Sig       Vlasic           

I'd like us to go back to basics with a 442, its the 1st game away with a tough game against United after.

Kenny Keane Jags Baines
Davies Morgs Klaassen Vlasic                 
           Sandro DCL

Its a gamble but it gives Klaassen a chance to play a key role in midfield without getting crowded out & Sandro the chance to play off a front man instead of being isolated with Siggy & Rooney in reserve if they fail to deliver whilst resting them for Sun. Just think we haven't the players for either 352 or 433 atm

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