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Author Topic: Atalanta vs. Everton  (Read 34536 times)

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Re: Atalanta vs. Everton
« on: September 12, 2017, 06:27:48 PM »
Amazed at the amount of people picking Sandro ahead of Rooney.

Rooney has been the most consistent attacker by quite a bit.

DCL did very well vs City but hasn't looked a massive goal threat at all.

Lookman hasn't been good enough this season to warrant a starting run of games.

If we're looking to be solid then the front 4 should be Lennon right, Rooney as 10, Sigurdsson left and DCL up front.

Other combinations are wishful thinking based on what they've done at the top level in England so far.

Doesn't it make sense that people may not have Rooney in their team due to him playing every single minute of this season and the United match coming up?

Whilst European matches are probably best for Sandro (and Klaassen) if they're to settle in.

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