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Author Topic: Should we sack Steve Walsh?  (Read 66773 times)

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Re: Should we sack Steve Walsh?
« on: February 18, 2018, 03:22:29 AM »
I don't disagree on who was probably  responsible for bringing each of those players in, but if Walsh keeps being over-ruled by managers and those players aren't even good enough for us, then that is enough reason to say he is not the right man for the job and our club.
We need a DoF with balls and a vision of how to shape the playing side of the club.

It's a big worry he's not been booted out already. We need someone useful in that role before we start doing any planning for next season. A DoF should be involved in hiring a new manager (if that was going to happen in the summer) as well as helping to decide what recruitment is needed (as if that hasn't been obvious to almost everyone for the last 18 months)

I'm actually a bit baffled as to how he has managed to cling on for this long with the absolute ineptitude that has been displayed.

He's been weak but I also think it's down to us getting the role of DOF a bit muddled too. It's been a bit of a free for all with our recruitment. Often paying over the odds for proven but not fantastic players the managers appear to have insisted on.

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