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Re: Unsworth
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Unsworth knows the players who have been here, through youth setup. How they play, he knows the experienced players from before Koeman arrived, Rooney from first time at club, Ferguson. He identified Calvert-Lewin from his time at Sheffield United, and helped get him to the club.

I don't think there will be any Evertonian who won't be doing everything to help him or get behind team and actually it is kind of showing again what we as a club are about. 7th is not good enough, we do have the players, the maximum endeavour and courage is all we ask. We don't need to hide in the corner, we've got plenty of talented players, you just have to know how to get the best out of them.

Unsworth did his badges several years at a place called Largs in Scotland, same place as Ferguson, Mourinho, Moyes, AVB. While not a guarantee of anything, it's a very well respected footballing education as far as they go. Many coaches return to stay in touch with changes and new interpretations. The under 23s is not an incredibly prestigious trophy, the format has expanded from under 21s and he's done exceptionally since. But while we have some older players, it's still a young team.

He has been managing under 23s for longer than Koeman was managing the first team. He won the league first season after the change, they are currently 2nd after 8 games. Arsenal, Liverpool, City, United, Chelsea, Spurs all have teams and while it may not be the priority as a club, they all have some of the most talented players and as many, if not more resources. They similarly have a young manager with plenty of investment in their development, and expectation to develop players, but also get players to perform. England Under 20's won the World Cup in the summer with Calvert-Lewin scoring in final and several of our younger players are in or around international team.

Some managers like Pochettino don't really loan players out much, while Chelsea keep the best of 700 hopefuls and loan rest. It's more about development and getting into first team. But if some of them are making him look good, maybe they need to come through, and if he's making them look good, then let's see what he can do with the wealth of resources in first team.

Football is a development game in terms of players, techniques and tactics and many more younger managers have succeeded in recent years. There are several older coaches who can utilise wisdom and a wider understanding, but they are often moving away from being able to relate to the younger players. Ranieri had a number 2 who knifed him after winning the title, Ferguson had Queiroz, Phelan and several others in later years, who felt like they actually ran the show. Mourinho started off as an interpreter for Bobby Robson. Wenger has got Steve Bould to organise defence, but his creative players become frustrated and petulant, before Bould they stopped being able to defend.

I think Koeman's problem is also about writing players off and bending over for others. Ferguson used to do this but with more precision, respect and humility. If you worked hard you were only as good as you can be as a player, but good players had to have the right attitude and respect, but also the manager had to know when to swallow pride, with enthusiasm for the club. Ferguson admitted his biggest mistake was selling Jaap Stam over the book, that's because he would have still been good for the club, it was always his master to cause him to be a ruthless bastard willing to sacrifice. It breaks Mourinho's heart having to sell players and he is in a constant battle for humility. Unfortunately for us, Steve Walsh forgot to buy any humility for Koeman.  :whistle:
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