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Re: Koeman Sacked
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:56:41 AM »
The whole hierarchy at the club need to take a look at themselves. It's all very well laying all the blame on Koeman and he deserves a lot of it, but we've got a majority shareholder, chairman, chief executive, director of football etc and they should all shoulder some of the blame for the mess over the last 18-24 months, starting right back when we held on to Martinez for too long.

Moshiri's making all the right moves off the pitch, new ground, record sponsorship deals, clearing debt etc but on the pitch it's all been a bit of a mess and he comes across as almost a little naive. Koeman was a fairly 'safe' if uninspiring appointment and we even managed to drag that out. His first couple of window's weren't great then having started well with this summer's window they went on to make an absolute mess of it and failed in their biggest objective, replacing Lukaku or at least getting someone of a decent pedigree in. That's before we go down the route of all his stupid conversations with Jim White, the biggest attention seeking bellend on Sky who's absolutely lapping it up.

We got Walsh in, who as far as I was aware the manager answers to the DOF yet none of them had the bollocks to walk away from the Sigurdsson deal even though it was becoming clear that we were about to get out pants pulled down to get him and we were still woefully short up front. I've no idea what Steve Walsh even does (scouting trip to Italy proved fruitful) but it's beginning to look increasingly like the story that he discovered Mahrez and Kante (I'm not even sure he did) and Leicester's league win has elevated him to a position beyond that of his abilities.

Koeman's rightfully gone and not many tears will be shed but there's a hell of a lot of lessons need learned over the last 18-20 months, I just hope they can as this is now a massive appointment for the club, two managers sacked in 18 months, we can ill afford to fuck this one up as well. 
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