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Re: Unsworth
« on: November 03, 2017, 07:32:17 AM »
Who would have done better with those 3 away games in a week and a half, and that squad?

Given our league position, league cup we didn't need extra fixtures. Europa league game, we were already out, worst start by an English team in Europa league, toughest game in group.

We had full backs playing out of position, Holgate making a rare start in central defence.

We've rested several first team players and will have a stronger side against Watford which is more important game.

When you appoint a new manager, people are always willing to shout give him time with another mans squad for the first year. Koeman has left a horror scene and 3 games in people are losing their shit about him losing games we'd expect to lose if we were playing well.

The things are there for us to get ourselves out of danger, team building, coaching and identifying a team and system that can get results. We don't have the starting blocks, nobody knows each other and we play like it. But last few games there have been signs of coordination and endeavour from more of the players.

There is a certain amount that Unsworth is maybe not a big enough or familiar name, but that's why he was given no support from board. People like brands and reassurance, guarantees. But any manager would have taken many games to try and get a team out of this collection of strangers.

I still feel there is a chance that we turn up and get a good result against Watford, but I'm not sure the atmosphere is going to be conducive and we've seen how that goes.
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