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Re: Unsworth
« on: November 06, 2017, 11:41:09 AM »
Thanks for the three points, but I'm out.

We have nowhere near the organization of his U23 teams. It's way too easy for opponents to find space between our midfield and defensive lines which, in turn, makes it easy for them to create chances. The players' spirit has been restored some and we've been better at creating chances ourselves but "better" still means a weak attack, which isn't good enough considering our continuing defensive frailty.

Whatever the reasons for the decisions he's made -- searching for coherence in an imbalanced squad, trying to do things he doesn't normally do in order to impress the higher-ups -- he's not right for the club at the moment. He has some excellent qualities and he has every chance of being an good manager one day but it's not going to happen for him now. I wish him the best, whatever his next move is (back to the U23s, off to a first-team job elsewhere).

I still wish we would look at Walsh's position first but, since that doesn't seem to be forthcoming, it makes sense to get a steadier hand in over the international break.

Just donít understand why the best shape and therefore performance we played (Chelsea second half) wasnít attempted to be repeated?

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