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Re: Unsworth
« on: November 08, 2017, 07:59:56 PM »
To be fair he's still trying to unpick the tactical and squad mess he's been left with. At least he's not failing and making the same mistakes.

Dont agree.

Heís had some good ideas but heís also got the league selections wrong.

Weíve changed shape from game to game. Heís been forced into big selection / tactical changes in both league games despite having evidence from the previous cup game that there is a decent balance to be had in the squad.

If the problem was sorting out the previous tactical mess then keep things simple and consistent, especially when you donít have many training sessions in between matches.

The best performance bits have been with the best balance to the players available, yet those selections havenít happened all the time.

Donít know whether thatís due to trying to show tactical awareness or what.

I do think his base ideas are sound. Eg we started aggressively vs Watford but the shape was wrong so that dissipated when it became too easy for them to play the ball round the narrow front 3. This was and has been obvious in previous games, so it was a shame that the good underlying idea was squashed by the formation although framework.

If he stays on, I hope that the medium term security allows more confidence to work on a set way of playing with personnel tweaks for each game.

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