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Author Topic: Which striker to go for in January?  (Read 30492 times)

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Re: Which striker to go for in January?
« on: November 10, 2017, 05:33:05 PM »
Tricky one this. If the plan, despite how unrealistic it seems, is to wait for a Simeone type at the end of the season, then I don't really want an interim chap to splash 40 or 50 million on players in January that the coach/manager next season might not want. Yes I know the point of a DOF is to reduce this to some extent and the coach is to get on with it. But I wouldn't like the idea of spending big on Benteke only for the new coach to not want him 6 months later.

If that becomes the situation it probably limits our targets even more
Yep...so this season is essentially a write-off...with no guarantees well improve next season. Fucking hell, Im not going to live forever.

It really is the hope that kills you.

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