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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 01:46:53 AM »
Just seen a tweet @ nsno that "we are in a relegation battle and it's mid season"

Well no, it's not is it?

We are 10 games in to a 38 game season.

We have 28 games to turn things around, and we WILL turn it around.  No matter who comes in.

Before Unsworth took charge of a single game there were wild celebrations from the same people who are now down in the dumps and desperate for Allardyce to come in and save us.

Fuck off.

84 points are up for grabs at the moment and we only need another 30 to stay up.

Your mum could achieve that with this Everton squad.

If the manager the club want isn't available until the summer it's not the end of the world.  We will stay up, and we will move on from the disaster that was Ronald Koeman.

The next appointment is crucial - but then so was the last one - so we need to get it even less wrong than we got Koeman.

There's no need to panic-buy a journeyman manager whose dad dance is the highlight of your season.

I agree we shouldn't be panicking to the extent of not seeing a bigger picture with the managerial appointment.

However, what are you looking at in this Everton squad that makes you think this is an easy job? This team could play for another 2 months and barely score a handful of goals. That is before we get to the rickety defence and the midfield issues. This is not an easy job and why it's so important to get the appointment right and for it to happen ASAP.

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