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Re: Perspective
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The midfield is for me where we've dropped off a cliff. Granted we've lost a goal threat but we had a pretty solid team last season, bar some poor individual results which skewed the stats a little. This season we offer nothing in the middle of the park, no protection for the back four, no support to the strikers, no attempt at being progressive with the ball, no energy.

We could get away with not having much threat up top as long as we were a solid team and you're always in with a chance of sneaking a goal via a set piece or a bit of good play. However teams are walking through us at will, getting to the back four with ease and the gap between DCL and the rest is too big.

Barry going was a huge mistake, which says a lot when you consider his age and ability to play consecutive games but it's true. This whole season has been a succession of poor decisions.

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