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Re: Perspective
« on: November 01, 2017, 05:55:20 PM »
Can't agree more with that statement there Si.

It does however worry me how woefully off form the midfield are and how old the back 4 are with nothing we can do about it till Jan.

Everything looks better with a couple of wins though and we have to have faith in Unsworth that he'll get us winning.

No team goes through a run of form like this for 38 games, especially not with the quality we possess.

Whilst I agree it's not as bad as many fear do we really possess lots of quality? Half of our squad are youngsters learning their trade and the rest are made up of a mix of players past their best and others woefully out of form with rock bottom confidence.
It's very easy to say let's just put some back to wins together and we'll roll from there but one of them wins isn't going to be away, judging by the fact we're nearly a year since we've done just that, and at home we can't beat the likes of Burnley or even a bunch of Cypriot journeymen.

If we had some stand out performances this season to refer to as evidence we can click when things go our way I'd be more optimistic. I suppose a lot rests on this weekend, a win and things look different, a draw or loss and who knows where we go from here.

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