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Re: Moshiri
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:29:16 AM »
And to be clear this is more intended as an observation or critique than a call to oust him or build resentment.

I know some will take exception to Kenwright being put in a favourable light. And I have huge appreciation for the direction the club is going under Moshiri with the new stadium and investing in the things we already did well to take them to another stage.

I just worry that some of the good work is getting undermined out of panic. Think he just needs to calm his shit down and we had lots more of these sorts of problems in Kenwright's early days. It's not all stuff you intuitively know, sometimes you want fans to know you want better, that you're trying your hardest, but sometimes you have to stand in the way of the turds being flung, not deflect them internally.

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