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Re: Moshiri
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To try and clarify my position as I think some people misinterpreted what was intended. My point with Moshiri, is that I think he's a bit too celebrity football conscious and he's starting to doubt everything he's put in place as well. He doesn't want to spend 100m+ to go from europe to relegation fight and out of all competitions by end of October. But he needs to understand the context, that the cohesion and quality of the players is not going to arrive overnight. It was just that Sigurdsson in particular seems like a folly for someone.

My worry is that rather than settling things down and acting calmly, I get an worrying impression that Moshiri is thinking about appointing someone like Allardyce to keep us up. I wouldn't be surprised if that also signalled him scaling back in his ambitions for the club and general disinterest from fans. People can talk about him keeping teams up, but they weren't clubs with as much pride. At Newcastle he was never taken in by fans and was sacked in 6 months, I would expect less time here and then relegation is real threat.

Problem has not just been about transfers, it's the squad turnover, lack of cohesion, degredation and collapse of the team and no growth of a new one. That was all pretty much Koeman, as the team got worse, it was no longer just the players fault, it became the person who bought the players fault, and we're left with the fallout of a manager saying no one is good enough as he ran it into the ground and took out anger.

Koeman was the turd in the punch bowl for me, I can understand why Walsh shoulders blame for unbalanced transfer policy. But no one who knew him, wanted to play for Koeman, we saw that with incomings and outgoings. Walsh is working with a managers specifications in mind and manager has enough authority to be more central to direction of transfer policy. I just think Koeman is not someone players want to play for. maybe lazy in terms of input to recruitment, unrealistic or indecisive.

If your club is spending that sort of money, you can get what you want as a manager, you can specify requirements and resolve at the time. There was a decent team there, but there is not a player now who played for Koeman, who doesn't have crisis of confidence and form. People are human and it's going to take time to build them back up and undo the curse. Fans love managers who come out and tear into the players, let them know what's expected, waterboarding is too good for them. But when it ends up being the entire squad, you're no longer uniting by division, you're just dividing everyone against everyone else.

It's always much easier to bring players down to earth and than build them up. Subsequently you get a quicker turnaround when you just need some structure, discipline and focus, rather than heart and belief. But the new players need some support, regardless what the manager gives them, it's going to be a gradual process. Players will settle and adapt, and I think once we score a couple and win a game, the blockage will leak and the fear and anxiety subside and then we'll start playing better and see the best of the players we've got.

First summer we didn't attract any real elite players, but they'd only just walked in to new setup. This summer we had more time to prepare to plan, and got players from the levels we were looking at and spent heavily. Lookman looks like he's maturing into a first team player, DCL could probably do with a holiday and someone else to take the abuse for standing isolated without service. We'll see other talent emerge from Walsh's signings in due course. We have enough quality in the squad to expect things to improve, if we get behind team and manager, it will give time for things to settle and build. Now we are out of europe and cup, I expect to see improving performances in PL. We've played as many games now as most clubs play by christmas in normal year without europe.

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